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I love vintage antiques, turquoise, National Parks, black & white Audrey Hepburn movies, and classic muscle cars. My husband & I are big classic car enthusiasts and have started our own little collection, if a classic car is something you think you'd like to include in your session, let me know and we will make it happen! I am personally a proud owner of a 1969 Camaro, it is my dream car. I frequently drive it around town in the summer, so if you see me, wave and say hi!

In my free time you will find me boating on Flathead Lake in the summer, hiking to remote mountain lakes, dirt biking, hunting, fishing, or working on the never-ending project of being a homeowner.

I am a 3rd generation Montanan, born & raised right on the shores of Flathead Lake. I graduated from Polson High School, I am 23 years old & am a graduate of FVCC’s class of 2019. My husband, Liam & I recently finished building our dream home, a barndominium, nestled at the base of the Mission Mountains on 30 acres. We have a cat, Rambo, along with chickens & bunny rabbits so far on our little farm, with hopes of adding a few Longhorns in the future! 

Hello! My name is Aurelia Kathryn Schoening (my maiden name is Shrider) and I am a Western Montana Wedding Photographer based in beautiful Polson Montana & serving the Mission/Flathead Valley!

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i am a friend of jesus, a lover of music, & a pianist myself.

I was always with a camera in my hand taking a picture of the sunset or of my best friend. I believe that pictures are so important because they can take an instant of time and freeze it forever, because nothing lasts. My goal with photography is to capture genuine emotion, so that 40 years down the road, when you look at the photo, it brings you back to that exact moment in time. I aim to capture the intimate, romantic, and emotional photos that make you truly feel connection in your soul when you look at them. I absolutely shed a few tears when editing a couples session when I can feel the raw, authentic love they have for each other.

I have always loved photography and capturing moments even as a young girl.

I have a record player and have recently started collecting records, it is another hobby of mine! On a Friday night you'll find me all dressed up on a date with my husband at our favorite sushi place, afterwards we are most likely driving home in one of our classic cars to binge watch Yellowstone together while eating oreos. but I also love classic rock, 60s/70s music and anything by Elvis Presley, especially on vinyl.

My favorite music genre is...

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Canon 28-70mm | Canon 50mm | Canon 85mm  |Canon 70-200mm


Canon EOS R6 x 2 & Canon 5D Mark III 


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xo, aurelia

Let’s chat over coffee about it! Fill out my contact form, shoot me an email, or DM me on instagram and lets connect! I absolutely love making new friends! I can't wait to meet you & capture magical moments together.

Don’t be shy, I am always up for a new adventure to go to new places if you have a specific spot in mind whether its in the US or Internationally, I'm there. 

Although I am located in the Flathead Lake area, I love to travel!


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Classic cars

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Oregon Coast

Big Island, Hawaii 



Yosemite National Park

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