Michael + Kendra travelled all the way from Helena Montana to the Mission Valley to take their engagement photos in the beautiful Mission Mountains in late summer/fall on September 24, 2022. It was PERFECT weather the day of the session. Warm, beautiful, and bright sunlight illuminated the mountains behind them.

We started off on the shores of the lake with the bright sun-lit mountains behind them, I had so much fun playing with the water reflection in my camera. There is something about water reflecting that I just adore in photos. Every opportunity I have when the water is still, I take advantage of this shot because it always ends up being stunning.

We then continued on into the trees with the sun rays beaming through the branches, it was absolutely heavenly. The lens flares I captured were incredible, I love a good lens flare. I am pretty sure the amount I said “I love it, I’m obsessed, OMG love, beautiful, perfect and gorgeous” was absurd, but it was true! When I find good lighting, I can’t help but fangirl over it. (Yes, I am way too obsessed with golden hour!)

Then we moved locations to one of my favorite hidden gems, a little creek. Oh my goodness, the sunset got even better, the lighting was insanely golden and radiant. I was having Kendra and Michael run all over, dance, jump, all the things! I soaked up every last bit of sunlight with my lens and had the best time doing it while photographing their sweet love! 🙂

Just as we were about to leave, I noticed the Missions turning a gorgeous shade of pink. I quickly turned to Michael + Kendra and before I knew it we were running through the field to get THE shot. Montana sure delivered that evening with the most INSANE pinkest of pink alpenglows. It was one of the most gorgeous nights I had ever seen and we were so fortunate to have gotten to witness and document it!

December 9, 2022

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